Questionnaire on basic and further training for agricultural and rural contractors

EFFAT and CEETTAR plan to lead a joint project focusing on the implementation of European employment policy by agricultural and rural contractors. This project aims to improve expertise in the fields of industrial relations, social responsibility for enterprises, social dialogue and industrial relations.

In practical terms, the project aims to develop a European training model, in order to guarantee high quality and qualified employment in agricultural and rural contractors. Due to the limited resources available, the first phase will focus solely on the situation of employees who have completed basic training or have wide-ranging professional experience (but do not have basic professional training).

In order to fulfil this European objective, it will be necessary to closely examine the situation in the various member states. It is for this reason that we would like to provide you with the following questionnaire. In order to facilitate our evaluation of the completed questionnaires, we request that you provide brief and concise answers, while including as much information as possible.

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