Employment and Qualification

CEETTAR and EFFAT believe that:

  • Agriculture is experiencing rapid development and far-reaching changes, with agricultural and rural contractors (ARCs) offering a wide range of new employment opportunities.

The social partners EFFAT und CEETTAR:

  • Emphasise the importance of a coherent European employment policy,
  • Have highlighted areas within their strategy, which form the basis for joint initiatives aimed at promoting employment and quality. More specifically, the social partners aim to:
    • Promote employment in rural areas,
    • Promote cross-border projects,
    • Promote geographical/professional mobility and employability,
    • Stress the importance of status for independent contractors and small enterprises providing rural services,
    • Promote professional accreditation for agricultural and rural contractors,
    • Promote rural development and environmental policy,
    • Promote new qualitative production methods and modern services provided by qualified employees.