Code of Conduct (10 June 2004)

The social responsibility of agricultural, rural and forestry contractors in the European Union

  • At European level, the CEETTAR and EFFAT organisations have agreed without reservation to share information and opinions, while leading joint initiatives in all fields. This includes issues linked to Community policy and European legislation, which have an economic and social impact upon the agricultural and forestry contractor sector.
  • This sharing of information and opinions complies with national and European regulations for informing and consulting employees.

Joint Action Plan (2005 – 2008)

For the implementation of European Social Dialogue

The joint action plan defines a series of initiatives developed by the European social partners in the agricultural and forestry contractor sector. It is based on the following four political aspects: Employment, expansion of the EU, industrial health and safety, and professional initial and further training.

Joint declaration “Münster Declaration” (7 December 2006)

Working towards more employment and quality

The organisations are determined to jointly introduce all appropriate and necessary initiatives aimed at increasing the number of enterprises, employment opportunities and high quality services in the rural sector.

Joint projects and research initiatives (2006 – 2007 – 2008)

The implementation of European employment policy in the agricultural and forestry contractor sector.

  • Development of expertise and training for new, qualified employees working for rural and forestry contractors
  • Rural development: High quality employment, innovative enterprises

Sectoral Agreement (26 April 2007)

Further training for experienced employees providing rural services